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Ivona Harris

Licensed & Certified Professional Organizer

Founder of Clutter Management & Guidance aka CMG Organizing 

Ivona, Founder of CMG Organizing

Feeling organized gives me a personal sense of satisfaction and serenity. I thrive on clutter free and inviting home where everything has its place and is in harmony with its surroundings. 

As a Professional Organizer I focus on your needs, help you declutter, and coach you how to stay organized. I believe that keeping neat surroundings reduces stress and leads to a well balanced life.

My artistic background with over 20 years of various career experience - including a professional ballet dancer, real estate, home organization and moving preparation, customer service, volunteering as teacher’s aid - and my personal experience helped me develop a unique method of organizing. 

The CMG Method is a combination of Minimalism (by eliminating visual clutter), Sustainability (by reusing items already owned) and Functionality (by guiding clients how to maintain order) with a touch of Elegance (by using simplicity, arts and tastefulness effectively). 

I am a Certified Professional Organizer and hold a Certification in Project Management as well as Time Management. I service the Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas, including the Bay area, California.


Ceramic Vases on a wooden table with palm tree

I view organizing as a wholesome experience where reducing visual clutter eliminates stress and leads to a well balanced life. My organizing specialty is primarily residential (kitchens, pantries, closets, kids rooms, home work stations etc). 

I enjoy working with families, creating systems for daily routines, homework space, new parents or multiple siblings scenarios. 

I provide hands-on help to seniors where accessibility and functionality is key. 
Moving can be very stressful but with my help it can turn into an uplifting experience. My Relocation & Unpacking services will help you settle in your new home as smoothly as possible.

My clients often ask me, “Will I have to purchase all new equipment, such as containers and baskets?”

No, unless you wish to. My approach to organizing is to utilize existing items in your home. So after decluttering and letting go of items that are no longer needed we focus on functionality and sustainability. I follow the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Depending on your personal preferences and budget I will provide you with personal recommendations for products or further professional services. 

“Will my house look like a magazine photo?”

It certainly could if you wish to.  An organized home doesn’t have to feel impersonal or “staged”.  Most importantly, it has to be functional for everyone who lives there. 

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