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As an Organizer,

the most important thing is making sure my clients are satisfied with my work

and changes we make improve the quality of their lives.
Here are some of my projects.

Playroom Complete Makeover
Unorganized toy room full of random toys
Custom made & installed shelving for building bricks
Untidy corner of a toy room with piles of toys
Custom made & installed shelving for building bricks
Untidy toy room overflowing with toys
Tidy toy room with art station, blue rug and couch
Decor & Design
Old Space - New Purpose
Arm chair with side table and lamp in a hallway
Study area equipped with a desk, chair, lamp and desk organizers

New Study Space

Closet with random items

Gift Wrapping Station

Custom created Gift Wrapping Station in a closet with a foldable desk, ribbons and wrapping materials
Disorganized Guest room closet

Sewing & Art Supplies

Custom built shelf in a closet with rattan cube baskets for sewing supplies
Master Closet Upgrade
Walk in closet with piles of clothes
Custom installed shelving in a master closet
Dresser in a walk in closet with odd items
Master closet with custom installed shelves above a dresser
Home Office Refresh
Bins and random office supplies on metal shelving
Customized home office with a couch, chest, TV and lamp
Disorganized room full of miscellaneous items
Organized bookshelf and metal shelving containing office supplies
Disorganized corner of a home office
Newly organized home office with desk, chair, and computer monitor and shelving
Everyday Organization
Senior Help
Disorganized senior room after move in
Newly organized room in a senior living facility

Move-in organization & decor

Disorganized kitchen space
Neat and clean kitchen space in a senior living facility

Everything within reach

Moving Prep
Randomly placed moving boxes in a disorganized garage
Sealed moving boxes with labels in a neatly organized garage

Repacked & Labeled

Kids Room
Kids room overfilled with toys
Organized children's room with toy bins and a toy hammock
On a Budget
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