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Ivona helped with multiple small projects around the house from organizing the children’s room to linen closet, office, garage and pantry. While she was efficient in organizing, the one thing that stood out to me was her not pushing products onto us. She would make recommendations only based on need, all the while reusing boxes and bins that I already had in the house.

She has a kind demeanor and takes into consideration your lifestyle and what is already working for you in your home and works around it instead of trying to make the end product look “instagram ready”.

The way she has organized my home is easily maintainable and I will continue to use her services in the future for any organization needs.



Ivona is a consummate professional organizer! 
I contacted Ivona for advice on how to organize my kids closets and be able to easily maintain it.  The day of the appointment she showed on time and with all the tools (label maker, step stool, metric tape, etc.) she needed to do her work. First, she assessed the situation by identifying the areas of most need: laundry room, whites’ closet, my son’s closet and kid’s craft areas.  She asked questions to determine what was the more logical way to organize and find spaces to move.  She explained me the process and got me involved.  She has a very special eye to find new spaces and repurpose areas.. She gave me a lot of great tips to reduce clutter, group by functionality and recommendations on things that I can improve flow of things.

Second, Ivona helped me clear things that were occupying a lot of space. I was very impressed on how efficient she is. My husband’s first reaction to the new laundry area organization was how easy it would be for us now to keep track of our inventory of things like toilet paper and paper towels and order more when we are getting low. Also, in my sons’ closet now, it is easy for him to find his closets in the morning and in the other side of the closet it was for him to see where all his toys are and put them away when he is done. The white’s closet is now easy to search for things without making a mess and also it opened space to put away board games and craft supplies. 
I really loved Ivona’s work. She is incredible knowledgeable and fun to work. Her services are a great investment in my mental peace and family harmony.  I will definitely contact her in the future to continue with the organizing other areas of the house.  I highly recommend her!


I could not be more satisfied with Ivona's services. She is a true professional and has really made a difference in my home. She does this with speed and without judgement or even a taste of it! I was embarrassed by the state of my closets and pantry and waited so long to get help after trying to downsize from a house twice as large. Ivona is positive, hands-on, has excellent ideas for making things flow better and is a pleasure to have around as we accomplish so much! I'm looking forward to continuing our project/s!

Client M.

Ivona brought a calm yet motivating energy to our chaos. She helped us to recognize the potential in our home and worked with what we had to reach our goals for organizing. We are grateful for all of her help to bring a sense of peace to our spaces. Her work encouraged us in creating sustainable solutions for organizing our home.


Ivona was wonderful to work with. She made my home feel calm and organized and did an amazing job organizing my junk drawers and dressers and bookshelves. Everything looks lovely. 

Ivona is awesome!  She has helped us with making use of our tiny apartment with decluttering and organizing. She also helped me at my office to put up decor, shelves and so much more. Ivona has so many talents to be able to help in so many ways.  I can't help but tell all my friends about her. Best part is that she is some one you can trust.  Can't thank you enough Ivona, you have helped our lives.


Ivona is the best! She is so incredibly organized not only at her work but also in her everyday life. I have known Ivona for more than 5 years. She is diligent, hard-working, excellent planner and everything that she does boosts the top quality. I would recommend Ivona to everyone that is looking to improve their way of life by having their home, personal possessions, and household items in perfect order.


Ivona’s organizational skill are amazing! My pantry thanks her every day!

I was totally satisfied with the end results from CMG Organizing. All of my requests were considered in the overall plan, and CMG was able to improve spacing using better containers. Having everything in its proper place and essentially right at my fingertips made easy work for me! I highly recommend CMG Organizing!


Ivona is a natural. I am always so impressed how she keeps her house and life organized with 3 active boys! She is even organized when camping!


I highly recommend CMG Organizing! I am delighted to have a neatly organized pantry as I’m a passionate baker. Having all my types of flours, sugars and other necessary items efficiently organized makes a great difference in my daily hobby! Ivona helped me sort through duplicate items which also saved me money and unnecessary trips to a store. Hiring Ivona was a great investment because she worked diligently and was mindful of not wasting recourses as she reused most of my existing containers. It’s a win-win!


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