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Organizing Hacks for Small Spaces

✨ When organizing small spaces it is important to do so smartly. By minimizing clutter and maximizing space you maintain order. As a reward you save time a reduce stress. 

✨ Start by decluttering your area and separating it into zones. Group similar items together and create a home for each category.

✨ One example of maximizing small space is to go vertical by installing an extra shelf in a closet or using shelf dividers. Using the back of a door is also a great way for added vertical space. It is ideal for small bathrooms to store your spare toiletries or hair accessories.

Using bed risers can give you another few inches creating extra room for seasonal items. 

✨ I highly recommend using labels, especially, if the space is shared with multiple people. Labels help everyone return items to their designated places and prevent accumulating visual clutter.

✨ Lastly, I’d like to mention the use of a mirror. It creates a sense of depth and brings more light into a small space.

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